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    as i am new to stalking but not shotguns i was wondering if it will be possible to get my lab gundog to follow up on any wounded deer ie track them or will i have to get a dog specific for this task
    cheers webby

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    Get hold of a pluck and giv it a go pal I'm sure ur lab will do just fine

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    webby they will convert to deer if they are steady on game first. Even a spaniel will do a job but not as well as a purpose bred dog or lab.
    ATB with it

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    hi is steady to rabbits hares and deer and is 5yrs old so i think i will give it a go with him and if not great will have to get another pup lol misses will love me

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    any excusse

    a lab is perfect all rounder My dad had 7 different labs that i can remember they worked everything you can shoot in this country includeing retrieving foxes, that said he was out every day with them working professionaly.

    sure yours will be good if given the right training/experience

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    I have used several labs as deer dogs and they all did a great job,even one that started at 7 years old so I'm sure your lab will do fine.

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    I have never tried my Lab but I should, I am also currently training a Chessie pup for the game shoots but I might spend a bit of time on him with the Deer

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