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    I have a budget of around 350 for a pair of stalking binos. my old pair were Nikon monarch 8x42 would like a pair with the same magnification etc. Must be hard wearing cause they will be used a lot. Was thinking meopta, or steiner any thoughts.....


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    Are you thinking of going for new or used? I'd look for some second hand Zeiss or Swaro's for that price, the quality certainly lasts with time, my Zeiss Dialyt 7x42's are still going strong at 25 years old!

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    Well worth a look, dont be put off by the price. Can post a small review i did of mine if you like

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    Cheaper Stiener....Hmmmm why not try Minox, Sherwoods had some good deals. My Minox are cracking easily on a parr with my mates Swaros, see if you can get a second hand pair. Also these Bushnell legends are bloody superb for the price, you can check them out in you local currys ..or it might be coment who stock them...amzing for the price

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    This is what I got about 6 years ago and I think they are ace; although I paid more than that then but Microglobe where still cheaper than everyone else; and still are I would say. They are the previous model , but hey LOOK AT THAT PRICE! Spend 150 notes on something else to carry about!!

    or upgrade to the discoverer and still be 50 up on your budget
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    I have used both models and cant tell the difference, infact old ones look better build to me.....I would def buy them if I was wanting glass in that price range and might buy my dad some for his birthday at that price.

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    I have had a pair of Bushnell Excursions 8x42s for a couple of years which I have always been really pleased with - think I paid about 200 for them at a game fair. I've just spoilt myself and bought a pair of Zeiss Victory RF at roughly 8 times the price. Obviously they have the rangefinding ability as well, which is why I bought them, but they are noticeably heavier than my Bushnells and I don't think sit as well in the hand. Whilst I will of course stick with them, to be honest I think the optics on the Bushnells are as good as the Zeiss and they are nicer to hold. For 350 I know what I would be buying.

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    my brother in law got a pair of smaller Swaro's for about 375 on special at the Weldon Gun Room. forget what mag but might be worth a call for a postal purchase

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    Have had a pair of Bushnell Excursions about 4 years very pleased as Biffa said feel good in the hand and compact,at time could not justify spending more,intention to upgrade later,but 4 years later still in use could upgrade now but why!

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    well i have a pair of nikon monarch 8x36 dcf and they are as clear as my dads 8x42 docter ones he thinks the nikons are better you can get them for about 200

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