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Thread: New Shooting aplication and Mentor

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    New Shooting aplication and Mentor

    Would it be possible that someone can clarify what the actual written, legal requirements for a new shot who has deer permission has to follow in order a mentoring restriction be removed. I am assuming that they would have to prove safe with a rifle and their mentor has to write a letter staing that. But do they have to actually have to have done a set number of stalks or have to have shot a set number of deer. Also can the police insist on this or insist you have to do a set number of grallochs before a condition is removed. Surely insisting this would be unfair and have possibel finanicial implications for the new shooter as he or she might have to pay for extra stalks if they didnt have a large head of deer on their permission?

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    A letter that validates competency from an AW with level 1 in the bag is generally enough to remove a mentoring condition. It's not so much a written law issue but one of showing evidence so that the CC can be satisfied that allowing a person to shoot unsupervised will not be a risk to public safety.

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    Thanks for your reply Paul, is that actually written anywhere? . I agree saftey is the paramount issue, but how can any police force say you have to shoot X amount of deer and know how to handle them once on the ground, ie gralloching? I am not asking for myself but for a friend who is really down as it would appear he was nearing the end of a mentoring period then got more bits added on.

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    The police's jurisdiction has nothing to do with your ability to kill a deer in a humane way or deal with its carcase. Their remit begins and ends with public safety. Once you are safe with a rifle the rest shouldn't matter to them. How someone can be safe shooting a fox with a .243 but not a deer? Madness and acting completely outside of the law and their remit.

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    when i got mine i never had a level 1 or intend getting 1 my mentor wrote in stating i was a safe shot competent in fox/deer shooting that was enough .i never been asked for a level 1 or 2 on any land i shoot over i did ask my fao if he thought i should take it he replied with a cheeky smile if you think it will do you any good or just keep your cash in your pocket i kept my cash and glad i did .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    Their remit begins and ends with public safety.
    I wonder what the statistics are for members of the public accidentally shot by inexperienced deerstalkers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chickenman View Post
    Would it be possible that someone can clarify what the actual written, legal requirements for a new shot who has deer permission has to follow in order a mentoring restriction be removed.
    There is none, nadda, zilch, zero.

    Neither is there any written, legal requirement for a 'mentoring' condition to be put on in the first place.

    Any insistance for a certain number of stalks, grallochs etc. etc., as Paul and Apache have indicated, shouldn't really have any direct bearing on the matter - the police should be focusing on public safety, not deer stalking experience.

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    I had a word with my FEO and she was understanding and I could see both her points and the points raised here. What has been agreed is that I can take my mate out and he can shoot under my supervision with my 6.5 and we will keep a record of that. I am also going to request an open ticket in order I can mentor him as although he has just got a mentor he stalks as a buisness so time will be an issue. I suppose the mentor issue is a double edged sword and both sides should work together. I have to say the FEO has helped with her suggested and couldnt really have been fairer than that.

    Many thanks

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    Out of interest, how was your friend having his 'mentoring' period played around with - were they insisting on non-safety related criteria being fulfilled? What force was it?

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    It does annoy me when police forces invent or interpret laws to suit themselves. There is nothing in the Home Office Guidelines that requires any mentoring or tests of competency as a condition of issuing a Firearms Certificate.

    Some might argue that there should be but the fact of the matter is that there isn't.

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