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Thread: 17HMR two for One offer

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    17HMR two for One offer

    Went to the Spotsmans Gun Centre Dorchester the other day, they are doing 2 for 1 on 17hmr 20 grain bullets, works out at 7.50 per 50...for those who havent used 20 grainers, they shoot the same as 17 grain in my CZ ,well give or take a smidge. I prefer them to 17 grains as better on Charlie.

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    i might try them, i was out last night after foxes in with the lambs, the .223 wouldnt have been safe to shoot. so i took the .17hmr. I have shot foxes with it on several occassions on a golf course. the fox on all occassions has died quickly but didnt drop on the spot. I hit a fox last night at about 60m and lost him in a heavy wooded glen. ( i normally use a gwp for locating them but due to the sheep the dog was left at home.) what are the 20gr rounds like for ricochets ?,

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    Are they doing the offer in all of there shops ? I`m close to there Newport store..



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