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Thread: First skull mount

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    First skull mount

    Well, I shot my first deer, a muntjac, I've eaten (most of) my first shot deer, and I have now completed the mounting of said first shot deer... what do you think?

    It was suggested that a full skull rather than cutting would look good and aside from it looking somewhat demonic I think it looks rather good...

    I guess the little silver plaque is a bit kitsch, but I thought it was a nice touch to mark the date and place.

    The antlers and tusks are a bit lobsided, one tusk being broken and one antler being smaller, but nobody is perfect

    I won't be rushing to prepare a (muntjac) skull in the near future, it felt like hard work, but satisfying. I mounted it by filling the brain cavity with filler and inserting a wall plug and spacer to allow space for the antlers to not touch the wall.

    Photos below...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very good and may it be the first of many. Well done.

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    Good job stig , i usually do the cut at less of an angle so the back teeth almost touch the board then the antlers are clear but its spot on , 30 minutes to boil out eh, not those lads eh

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    There is a surprising amount of work in preparing a muntjac skull. Most people that haven't done it think it is a 10 minute job
    It is a good job they dont grow any bigger! Hard work all the way....

    Great job on your first munty skull mount


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    Looks great, well done..the silver plate looks fine to me. Another way is to keep the spent case and get the date engraved onto the case then hang it round the shull with a ribbon. Glad you ate him too, superb tasting deer.

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