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Thread: My First deer

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    My First deer

    Hi all,

    A couple of weeks ago Robin kindly offered to take me stalking, leaving at 3.30pm we headed out to one of his permissions. The light was fading and we found ourselves in a small strip of woodland. Robin told me to glass the field and to shoot any animal except the white buck while he looked in the opposite direction. I rested the rifle in a safe place and moved about ten feet to my left to get a better view. When Robin returned we stood whispering and just as the light had almost gone a fallow doe appeared at about fifty yards. She looked strait at us and we stood motionless. Robin said you can shoot that one, but alas the rifle was ten feet away, so we just stood looking at each other, Eventually, Robin crept towards the rifle, picked it up turned towards me and the doe vanished. So I learned a valuable lesson - keep your rifle with you at all times.

    This evening we drove to another permission and walked through a wood to glass a rough field but saw nothing. We went back the way we came and glassed the fields in the other direction Robin saw a group of fallow bucks about 300 yards away directly downwind of our position. We went back into the woods in an effort to circle around them and come up from leeward. On route we saw a group of five or six fallow and a single roe buck which vanished as we approached. Slowly we made our way towards the group of bucks eventually getting into position behind a tree. Robin said they are getting twitchy so step out, put your sticks up and shoot because you won’t have time to mess around. I stepped out, placed the rifle on the sticks and fired. I heard a thud but saw no reaction to the shot, the whole group ran off. I felt sick. The last thing I wanted to do was injure an animal, We walked into the wood and to my relief thirty feet below us we could see the buck stone dead. The 100gn hornady interlock had hit the lungs. We did the gralloch, but then found the bank too steep and the animal too heavy to carry or drag out of the wood. Returning with the car and with the aid of a long rope, we reversed across the field and dragged the animal out. Robin estimated the weight at about 140lbs.

    So there you are my first deer. I would like to sincerely thank Robin for taking me out and I know I will never forget my first buck.

    Cheers Geoff
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    nice first deer you are a very very lucky boy, well done to both of you, sd at its best


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    Well done Robin, I know you dont like dragging anything up hill but there not hills down there are they they are mole hills

    Well done anyway, catch up soon. I should get down there again mate on 1st April for that Roe Buck if I were you.

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    I know only too well that feeling of the first deer taken... well done, looks like a fine beast and somewhat larger than the wee fella I took as my first...

    What's for dinner?

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    Well done Geoff and Robin, great result!

    Robin's got some prime 'deery' ground down there that's for sure!

    all the best


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    A good evening Geoff, as the Abbo said in Crocodile Dundee, next time you can bloody well go down there on your own and get it
    It was a good result all round.
    I think Malc even you would have struggled to get that up the bank.
    The only bloke I know who could have done it was our Terry, he'd probably have picked it up put it on his shoulder and walked straight out

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    Brilliant, good to read another first for someone on the sd site. well done Geoff on your first deer mate, and well done robin on taking him out and helping someone out off here heres to the first of many geoff.

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    Well done

    What a good first deer it is as well Geoff.

    Like you say you will never forget the first!!



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    well done geoff, been stalking with robin and he is a gent.
    atb for the future frank

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    Well done Geoff thats a nice one
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