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Thread: Allergic reaction to deer blood?

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    Allergic reaction to deer blood?

    Yesterday evening I shot two more Roe does at the request of a local farmer. When I went to gralloch them, I realised I'd run out of latex gloves, which I usually use for 'best practice' reasons and to avoid getting plastered in blood. No matter, I got on with the job, then cleaned myself up with some wipes. However, most of you will know that this isn't exactly efficient and you always end up with a fair amount of blood left on your hands and wrists (or at least I do ).

    By the time I'd got home, transferred the deer from truck to larder, tidied up etc, I would think an hour or so had passed before I got round to scrubbing my hands with soap and water. This morning, my hands and wrists are itching like hell and I have a vague recollection it's possible to have an allergic reaction to blood? I'm pretty sure it's not the wipes, as I was using wussy non-allergenic baby wipes rather than the heavy duty industrial kind.

    Has anyone else experienced or heard of this?


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    Have heard of it quite a bit, the only time that I suffer is with Red stags during the rut then the slightest nick or scratch will become septic.

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    If you had any stummock content in your hand from the gralloch it can ve very acidic Could be that rather than the blood. Basicly your skin is being brocken down by the acid. If you cut the gut to aid degradation it is easy to get some acid on your hands.Jim

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    The last Red Hind & follower I shot towards the end of the Season gave me a hellish rash on my hands after gralloching when the blood had dried in before I wiped them down.

    One latex glove got ripped on my left hand and I had no spares with me (yes, my fault, note to self - carry more spares), anyway, the gralloch was clean i.e no ruptured rumen exposing stomach contents etc, just the blood left from the other goings on.

    The rash lasted about a week and eventually cleared up when I slapped some of the wifes witch doctor joojoo cream on it but curiously I havenít had it with the small number of Roe Iíve done??

    Have to add, Iím not blessed with what would be classed as ďofficeĒ hands either, too many years offshore have done their damage but Iíll be more carefull in future and remember to stick in a few extra pairs of gloves.



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    One of my stalking friends can get a rash just handling a roe.But works a lot with sheep and other animals no problem

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    Adam, can't say I have experienced that, but I know a couple of stalkers who seem to be allergic to doing their own bloody gralloch..... Ask Amir he got to do Gillie.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    +1 ive had that since i was 10 every time, kind of like a gentle nettle sting. only with roe though, wierd, by the way the doctor looks at you kind of funny if you ask him about it

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    No problem with deer but I used to get it with rabbits blood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    Adam, can't say I have experienced that, but I know a couple of stalkers who seem to be allergic to doing their own bloody gralloch..... Ask Amir he got to do Gillie.
    Amir was going to be getting his hands dirty this weekend in Aberdeenshire, as I was going to kindly allow him to gralloch all of my deer - particularly now that this thread has established that I have a medical reason to make him. Unfortunately he came over all impoverished (the feckless workshy loafer) and had to cry off at the last moment. Still, all the more deer for me!

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