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Thread: Scope final choices

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    Scope final choices

    Having asked about foxing scopes I have decied to spend a bit more and go for either of the scopes below. Any comments welcome, I will be foxing with .223 out to no more than 200 yards. It will be under the lamp. Do i go for single dot fixed or the variable.
    Also may be used for woodland Munti shooting. found one for 555

    found this found this for 600

    Many thanks for all your help over the last few days.

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    I've no knowledge of the Zeiss budget range but plenty of people use them. I think that is too much to pay for a fixed Doctor, not saying that its not worth it but you can pick up 2nd hand Zeiss/Swaro 8x50's realatively easily for a lot less. Personally I would go for a leupold VXIII 4.5-14 with duplex or B&C reticle (can't comment on the value of illumination as I have no experience) Really, anything of quality in the 3-12, 2-10, 4-14 range will do you fine. Stay away from too fine reticles/dots as they are difficult to use in dusky woodland and too heavy reticles as they obscure too much of the target. JC

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    I have an 8x56 S+B and thats what I would get again and again. Hungarian assembled ones are the same price as the Doctor at Swillingtons. But the Ziess is tempting at that price. For fliting between foxes and deer you may need a variable but I bet over 50% of folk who get variables never vary them.

    Did you go to the show at Newark , did you have a look through them? Its the only way to tell I reckon.

    i do 50% of my shooting in woodland as so went for some thing with good light gathering, after that I would be looking at field of view.

    Reticules are personal thing. Mine is a number 7 and have never complained about it. IMHO
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    Chickenman, if you are going to spend around 600, there are a couple of Docter variables on ebay in that bracket, they might be the best return for your money.

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    I prefer scopes with the reticule in the 2nd image plane so I would go for the zeiss with the standard plex reticule.
    Reticule will still be easily seen when stalking in low light and fine enough to take accurate shots on foxes at 200 yards plus.

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    600 would get you a lot of scope, especially 2nd hand. Do you really need a variable? Only you can answer that - I don't and I've shot deer from 20 yards in woodland to 200 yards but your needs are always going to be different from mine.

    Also do you really need illuminated? Again I don't and I shoot sika at last light. In my case I can see the crosshairs for a while after it stops being sensible to shoot a deer in the gathering gloom. However, I can see that you might feel you need illumination for foxing though I think many people shoot foxes with the standard 8X56 S&B/Swaro.

    I'd guess 6X42 and 8X56 are the scopes on most rifles in the UK and I'm also pretty sure that most people with a variable have it set pretty close to one of these numbers for most of its life, maybe cranking it up when shooting paper. Your money would get you a really top notch 2nd hand fixed that you would always have confidence in plus a set of mounts and if you didn't like it then it would be worth pretty near what you paid for it on resale so in terms of value for money something that costs you nothing over its life is hard to beat and the top notch European makers deliver that sort of value and quality.

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    Further to the above, there's a Docter 8x56 just been added to Fleabay - Item number: 140526729329 - starting at 200. Sounds like a better bet to me than full price.....

    And there was a nice Swaro 8x56 at around 520 that didn't go in the last day or so (search completed listings and contact seller direct if interested....)
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    Cheers guys, very helpful advice.

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    Go for the second hand swaro 8x56, best money you will ever spend!!!

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