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Thread: chiruca boots boa technologies credit where credit is due

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    chiruca boots boa technologies credit where credit is due

    i bought the above boots about 6 months ago and was very impressed with the product which uses the boa technologies lacing system as oppossed to standard laces. after a couple of months one of the cables started to show signs of wear and eventually failed last week in the field. Needless to say i was a little pissed at spending so much on the boots on to have them break so quickly.

    I contacted boa technologies online and they replied immediately stating that there was a lifetime gaurantee with their products, simply register the boots and select the type of cable / lacing and they would post them from the states free of charge. The laces where sent to my office address and sat there a day or so before posting up to me. the replacement laces were received from the states and fitted in less than a week.

    In this day and age when customer service seems to be lacking in alot of places i thought it would be nice to post a positive experience for a change.

    I would have no problem reccommending either chiruca boots or any product that utilises boa technologies lacing systems.


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    A pal has a pair of these and swears by them.

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    i cant wear wellingtons over rough ground due to a serious leg injury from a mis-spent youth and a motocross career so i need a pair of boots that offer good support and protection, these are the best boots i have owned to date. lightweight , warm and 100 % waterproof. they are used several times a day and i find the lacing system great for getting in and out the boots quickly.

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    One of the best boots and shoes on the market. I have a pair of Bulldog Boas which have lasted me for years so I recently tried their shoes. Wow!! Now I wear nothing else.

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    i have been supplying and wearing these for a few years now.
    And must say they are the most comfortable boots i have worn.

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    Could you send me the link to the site that you contacted please?

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