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    New Member from France


    Andy from the French Pyrenees, came here to reply on a post about our product, got told off for not introducing myself! So here I am.
    Not here for hunting but for anyone interested this part of the South of France is brimming with Wild Boar and Deer, so could be a good place to visit, ignoring the fantastic scenery mountains etc.
    Will try not to break any more rules

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    Hi Andy and welcome on board. Good French name - obviously a true native?

    Your right France is a lovely country to visit and to shoot in.

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    hi andy i was in france earlier this year hunting deer boar badger fox .we had a great time plenty to eat eat eat and drink drink drink i shall never forget it it was a brilliant trip we went to normandy not quite as far as the south .

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    I got back from France three weeks ago, now it's just a matter of paying the "fine" for the boar that I shoudn't have shot. Good trip but don't they over do it with the food and drink. Five course breakfast before you shoot and the afternoon meal was the same.

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    we started of at 7.30am small eats then 9.00am main breakfast went onto about 10.30. off for a hunt before i knew it was 11's more food then 2.30pm dinner unteen courses this went on to 9.30pm all with wine and fire water 11pm back to one of the host for another sit down dinner 4 course meal finished at 2.30am up for 6am to head for the ferry home KNACKERD but had a great time

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    I shot on two days at the end of the season I managed to get away early each evening because the wife was with me and alone at the hotel or because I had to catch the ferry early the next morning. Otherwise I think it would have been some very late nights. There's no point in them starting early in the morning because the law says you can't hunt before 9.00 a.m. The law also says you can't drink before hunting but I noticed one or two bottles of wine opened at the breakfast table and the odd glass of calvados though I was told that that was milk.
    I only wish that my understanding of French was better because I felt that I missed out on a lot due to my lack of communication skills. I would particularly have liked to understood the full excited converstion between several of the guys complete with plenty of arm waving, one of the lady hunters leant across the table and told me "they discuss the cost of prostitute women".

    I had a good time and experienced something that I had wanted to do for a very long time but think that I may have enjoyed it more if I were with a few friends rather than a group of total strangers, and if I could understand more of the language.

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