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Thread: Internet Explorer 9

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    Internet Explorer 9

    I have recently installed IE9 and seem to be getting some small issues when on The Stalking Directory. I tried to add a picture to a post this evening and failed miserably. Is anyone else experiencing IE9 issues?

    Rgds JCS

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    There are some known issues with IE9 and vBulletin. Have you tried running it in compatibility mode for the site for the time being?

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    Thanks, I will give that a try and let you know how it goes. Rgds JCS

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    JCS internet explorer nine is absolute ****!!!! You can revert back to the older version by going to search bar on the start menu, type in programs and features and click view installed updates in the left panel. Scroll down to microsoft windows section, right click on IE9 and click uninstall. Or just download firefox or safari, far better browsers

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