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Thread: Beeb banging the drum - again

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    Beeb banging the drum - again

    Noticed this on the BBC News site this morning

    BBC News - Children under 10 issued shotguns, BBC learns

    The headline is "Children under 10 issued shotguns", as if to suggest that they are being handed out in packets of cornflakes. The point is, so frickin what, the people in question have made applications for SGCs, these applications have been reviewed by the relevant authorities and subsequently granted, in accordance with the law. The BBC is a taxpayer funded organisation, it is not supposed to be a left wing, anti gun campaign group, so why is it trying to foment anti gun feeling in the gullible public? It wouldn't have anything to do with the forthcoming review of Firearms Legislation...would it?
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    The BBC survives because YOU pay your licence fee. The answer is in your hands.
    Get rid of the TV and stop funding these left wing rabble.
    Yes, I have got rid of mine.

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    Have you all complained about it, just e mail them or don,t complain

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    It makes headlines, that's their reason to live. Often it's edited to cause a backlash by the public who are, as a rule, educated by the TV.
    Journalists are told " Never ruin a good story by telling the truth".

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    Quote Originally Posted by K333ROE View Post
    It makes headlines, that's their reason to live. Often it's edited to cause a backlash by the public who are, as a rule, educated by the TV.
    Journalists are told " Never ruin a good story by telling the truth".

    Your bang on there , they've BRAIN WASHED the public for years with there Do's & Don'ts.

    And there's a good few that are easily took in by what they see on TV.

    Rgda, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    The biggest problem is that the Blair and Brown Bullcrap Co have been filled over the years with their left wing commie hangdogs. So like the economy it will take decades to correct. I got rid on my TV back in about 87. There is one now connected to the X-box but there is no ariel so no TV capabilty.

    One much be careful when buying a new PC as if they have TV capability then a TV licence it required. yes I am now covered by the free licence sent to dad.

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    Forgive me Bwch, but where is the left leaning bias in the piece and where does the author foment anti-gun feelings? All he does is report the recommendations of ACPO - "Last year, the Association of Chief Police Officers suggested under-10s should be banned from using shotguns." This is immediately countered with a statement from BASC. The article concludes with a statement by the Home Affairs Committee. At no point does the author make any judgement on the issue.

    As one of the contributors to the comments column points out, this is a non-story. Quite. It is nothing more than a report, researched and written in response to the comments of ACPO. BASC (and only BASC!) presents a good defence of the current system and the majority of comments would appear to support their views.

    Which would you prefer, a transparent report of the facts and opinions or an exercise in creative writing, full of half-truths and reactionary paranoia?
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Iwrch, the headline alone is an example of sensationalism, with no other intent than to scandalise. If it's a "non-story" then why was is 2nd down the list of "top stories" on the BBC Homepage, other than to use the sensation of the headline to foment anti gun feelings? The author/editor of the story wrote that headline, a headline which can only be interpreted as critical. That they allow a counter from BASC simply shows that their lawyers are on the ball with regard to apparently being balanced, but the headline gives the lie to that.

    Edited to add, they obviously agree that their own headline was dodgy, they have now changed it to; "Children under 10 licensed to use shotguns, BBC learns"
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    I find these extracts amusing and maybe telling :

    "The statistics were released by 51 police forces under the Freedom of Information Act. Dorset was the only constabulary not to provide information."

    ""But the committee was told by Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Whiting, lead spokesman on firearms legislation for the Association of Chief Police Officers, that there should be an "absolute minimum age" of 10 for shooting with firearms and shotguns."

    So, guess who is Assistant Chief Constable of Dorset Police, as well as chairing the Association of Chief Police Officers Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group - FELWG? (No prizes).

    And I wonder how many under 10s Dorset have issued SGCs to?

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    I do get incensed by the BBC and their anti-fieldsports attitude, so i did complain to the BBC and to my MP. The headline is disingenuous and designed to inflame, so i complained.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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