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Thread: Remmington Accutip

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    Remmington Accutip

    Has anyone used this on deer Roe and Fallow?

    to be used in a 243 and its the 95's.



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    One of my friends swears by them for roe,I don't know what their like though,my friend has shot deer for over 30 years so he knows a thing or two,ATB
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    Im using them in 7mm08 at the moment, they make a bigger exit hole than a soft tip, so wont buy any more.
    no runners though.

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    I use Remington Accutip 75gr on fox and smaller deer, ie roe and muntjac. As bobt says leaves a large exit hole, but 100% no runners, it turns the heart and lungs into mush, so if you like offal do not use them.



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    Thanks for the replies.


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    i use 95gr on foxes and sometimes on roe. A good round. The 75gr is a varmint round and not a deer round. Also i use Rem 100gr core lock ultra bonded anpther good bullet.


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    I also use the 75s for fox and roe and occasionally get a large exit hole.

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