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Thread: What a great week stalking

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    What a great week stalking

    Well ive just got back from a week stalking some of my ground & visiting family & what a week ive had
    Four days stalking mixed between mornings & evening stalks.
    total of four Muntjac & probably the best Roe Buck ive ever shot A 6 pointer in absoloutly fantastic condition & not a mark on him Im not really a head collector but this boy is going on a plaque Ok no medal head but just the fact that he was so good & a great set of antlers i think he deserves to be shown
    I also watched an even better looking Buck solid with muscle & very proud of the antlers sitting on his head, I dont think any other buck in the area would of had a chance up against him I watched him for about 10 mins, he was about 100 yards off quite happy browsing with a few does in the area.
    Yes i know your all saying i should of taken him & i was thinking about it but i decided to leave him as he was such a handsome chap & i had as much enjoyment just watching him on his ground keeping watch on his territory & the fact that i had shot my other Buck only 10min beforehand
    So to sum it up i had a great week stalking & also got eaten alive my our friends the Midgey

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    Well done Mate, sounds like you had a most enjoyable week away, got any pics to show?


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    Shame it has to end, eh. At least you have the memories and the trophy.
    No pictures?

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    It really was a great week I will post some pics up when ive downloaded them.

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    Fabulous mate.. absolutely the right thing to leave the little guy to work his magic and carry on the bloodline 8)

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    Well done glad you had a good time. I think you should be more proud of the one you left than the one you took, good decision.


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    It was good to met at the fair we enjoyed your crack and sounds like a productive week back home.
    How did you get on with the other issue you were talling me about!

    Look forward to meeting again soon

    take care


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    welldone nick
    cracking time or what
    look forward to seeing the pics mate
    give us a ring when you got five
    speak soon

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    Uncle Fester your back Well done mate, gld to hear you had a good time and some nice stalking as well. Hope to catch up soon, and look forward to the piccys.

    I was down on my bit yesterday, saw a stonking great Buck, but he patrols right on the edge of my bit, so only a fleeting glimpse, again!!

    Never mind I have a cunning plan.

    Talk soon

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    Well done Steyr good read , nice to know there are some people who dont have to shoot every thing thy see , lets hope that buck passes on his good pionts to his off spring, got to look after the future regards Ye old stalker

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