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Thread: Shooting but not Deer

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    Shooting but not Deer

    Slightly off topic but does anyone know where i can get my shotgun fitted in North Yorkshire?

    Im based up near Whitby and have been meaning to get this done for a while but would like to use someone that is reccomended.

    The first place i have found is Spencers Guns in Redcar ......... any good?


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    You only get fitted once (well except for a second fitting when you get fat after fifty) so I'd never skimp on it! If it's wrong it is a lot of money wasted on stocking.

    I'd take a trip to Northwood and have it done by Holland's who can fit for side by side AND over and under.

    Any competent stocker - such as Malcolm Cruxton in Birmingham - will be able to use the measurements they give you. You don't have to have Holland's do the work afterwards.

    I certainly would not recommend any fitting where you don't actually fire the gun on both a pattern plate and against a variety of thrown clay pigeon targets. It is a false economy.

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    I dont mind paying a bit for it but the distance from North Yorkshire is a bit of an issue. Would rather have at least the assesment done up here.

    Its for an O/U too.

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