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Thread: Thanks to Cumbria Constabulary

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    Thanks to Cumbria Constabulary

    I recently checked with Cumbria Firearms as to how to get my ticket converted to an open license. After a brief chat over the 'phone, I was advised to send a short letter into them detailing my reasons for the request and there shouldn't be a problem.

    True to their word, my open ticket dropped on the doorstep this morning exactly one week after I posted the request, so thanks to Cumbria Firearms for dealing with the whole thing so smoothly. (Also thanks to the BASC Firearms team for their help and advice prior to my 'phone call to the FLO).

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    Unlike South Yorkshire Police then, I have sent three letter in total ,the first two letters were completely ignored and the last one was acknowledged with a phone call saying that unless I'm submitting knew permissions on a monthly or even weekly basis they will not even consider opening my fac

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