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Thread: 22 HORNET or K Hornet

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    22 HORNET or K Hornet

    All Makes considered, BRNO, BSA, Anshutz etc.


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    Here's my advert.

    I'm toying with the idea of selling my beloved Hornet.

    I bought her 2nd hand and she shoots GREAT! I can consistently get 0.6 moa groups with 35gr V-Max homeloads, which are devastating on foxes and rabbits. This model has the single set trigger (which I love), 5 shot magazine and standard wooden stock.

    Included: The Rifle, PES Stainless moderator (currently in camo tape), Bushnell Legend 5-15x40 AO and some home-load rounds (not guaranteeing any quantity as I still use it). I will also give the load data for my loads.

    The rifle came to me having shot 110 rounds (apparently) and I've put maybe 200 - 250 through it.

    The only reason I'm selling this cracking little rifle is that I'm buying a NiteSite Spotter and need the money. I really don't want to sell it but I rarely get the chance to shoot in daylight hours (which is what I bought the Hornet for to replace my HMR) and when it's night-time, I tend to use my 10/22 on the rabbits and 223 on the foxes. The Hornet does do both but I'm usually accompanied on night shoots and I feel rather greedy shooting everything :-).

    There are a few people on this forum who have seen it shoot and can vouch for its accuracy and consistency.

    For the above, I would like 550.

    I obviously have all the reloading gear which I may sell if the offer is right. Redding Deluxe die set which are about 85 new, powder, primers and heads. Once funds allow, I may buy another Hornet so I'm not desperate to sell the reloading gear so please, no silly offers.

    I'm based in South Birmingham and travel around a lot for work (in Scotland tomorrow) so I may be able to help out with meeting up etc.


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    theres a beutiful 22 hornet stutzen in cenetrvine gun shop near formby not to far from the wirral cant remember the make i saw it a few months ago but worth a call if you dont want to travel i can get details and take photos if you like

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