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    New Member to SD

    Hi to All, I have had my ear bent to join and I am happy with the prospect. With over 25 years of stalking I still have lots to learn. I stalk every week and get to use my dogs with running a pheasant shoot as well as the odd call out. I give talks on the subject to try and educate the un-initiated. I am still in one bit! I run 5 day courses for 16-24 year olds, teaching them about deer and other Country Pursuit matters. A fun and rewarding job. I have mentored over 30 shooters for their FAC's for Deer cal but happy to answer questions but not expand my work load! Wishing you all a great Buck season.

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    welcome aboard ,i am also new to the forum ,you will find them a real good bunch on here,lee

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    Welcome to the site, looks like you are bringing a wealth of experience with you and nice to have another West Country member!


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    Welcome peter , a true gentleman and a man with a wealth of experience dave

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