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Thread: Biting midge

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    Angry Biting midge

    I read an article the other day that due to the snow on the ground and its insulating effects, midge larvae have a much higher survival rate and may be as much as 200 times worse than normal years. Now I dont know about anyone else but Im not relishing the prospect!! So I was wondering, has anybody tried the thermacell unit? It claims to be 98% effective against most types of biting insect. Has anybody used this in scotland and does it work on the midge?

    Its almost a tenner cheaper on amazon an at just more than twenty squid, I think I may be giving it ago this summer. Last summer I lost a number of deer, one in particular, a cracking roe buck, because I had a bloody midge munching on my eyeball!!!!

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    I'm not sure that anything will ever beat those little sh**es!

    A long sleeved shirt and a head net seemed to get me through relatively unscathed up north last summer. I remember not being able to see a great deal through the net, so I lifted it only to realise that it was the chuffing cloud of midges so thick they were like a fog!

    I'd be grateful if you'd let me know how you get on if you get one of those gadgets.



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    Avon skin so soft dry oil spray is the answer,if nothing else you will have lovely complection.

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    I new about the avon stuff but the point was trying to find a way to keep the little sh*tes at bay with out having to douse myself in all manner of strange smelling (and horrible tasting) sprays and lotions.

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    I've got one of those "gadgets", my son gave it to me. Made no difference, nor did the skin so soft apart from, as has been said, giving me soft skin.
    Lived in the highlands for 58 years and tried everything, the midge is still supreme !!!

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    As always we will have to grin a bear it for the goodness of the sport

    but i like the soft skin
    @ Avon skin so soft dry oil spray is the answer,if nothing else you will have lovely complection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 177landy View Post
    Avon skin so soft dry oil spray is the answer,if nothing else you will have lovely complection.
    Yes from me. Used it whilst in an OP in Gaerlochead for 7days - it does work. Use it to this day when on Grouse moor too. Also recommend Germolene antiseptic AND anaesthetic applied before venturing out.

    Also buy a midge net to go over your headgear, cheap and easy to carry. You can see right through it.
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    When living back in Argyll I would work with 2 roll ups in my mouth at once I think choking on the fumes took my mind of the little gits, unhealthy as it was it did work. We had to be out all day, no choice, we all puffed.

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    I find spread eagling them one at a time on a boulder splaying their bolloccks apart and giving them a swift twatting with a rock from the stream works best they dont like it.

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    I had my first midge bite 2 days ago in Sunny Argyll

    Followed up by the removal of 3 ticks of my legs and another 2 of my arm

    Oh the joys of summer

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