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Thread: Deers and water

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    Deers and water

    I have been asked this question and cant work out the answer .I think i know but unsure so here it is .
    Why is it unusual to see a deer drink ?

    Im thinking it because they get enough from the dew on grass and what they eat

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    Got it in one mate

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    I think that might be a specis specific observation, because reds that I am aquainted with drink quite a lot.
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    I remember when I when stalking in Oxford and my mates had told me you wont or rarely see deer drink. I was sat in a high seat a a few weeks later when two you Roe doe appeared, walked towards me and made straight for a water trough and both deer started lapping up water. I was so engulfed in watching them and thought myself so privelidged as it was probably only my 2nd or 3rd outing for deer.

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    Roe Deer are selective feeders in that they target succulents, so very rarely need to seek water but they have been known to on rare occasions.

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    The two I saw were following each other , the first took some water and the second decided to join in...when it saw the first,both only took a few laps of water then were on their way.

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    I see Roe talking water on a quarry pond at dayrise every morning i am there.

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    Are you sure they are not checking their reflection

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    I have seen roe drinking from water troughs on many occasions over the years, but only roe !

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    Are you sure they are not checking their reflection
    Now thats funny

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