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Thread: Hereford trip

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    Hereford trip

    Just thought i would do a quick write up of way of saying thanks to wayne davies and his stalking partner andy for being excellent hosts to my good self and a friend of mine last weekend for a stalk for a muntjac or two.

    After a warm welcome and polishing off more than my fair share of bacon sarnies we headed off to our first location a cracking spot but for myself anyway it was a no show on the muntie front.
    The next morning saw us heading out at first light only to be greeted by a hard frost and the sort of morning when you could hear a pin drop at thirty paces and despite seeing slots and signs everwhere again it was a no show on the deer front.

    My stalking partner had faired slightly better spotting deer on both trips but hadnt been lucky enough to get the chance for a shot.
    What was really frustrating was to find that after stalking a section of the wood in a circle scanning the banks and cover there were fresh slots in our own footprints and im sure the deer were following us around the woods [cheeky beggers]
    Listening to the news it soon became apparent that our trip had clashed with the brightest moon for years giving us frosty mornings and cold quiet evenings with little movement from the deer or anything else for that mater so we had to just hope for the best.

    My third outing saw myself and wayne stalking into an area where a new highset had been recently erected overlooking four rides and some mixed plantations it certainly had a good feel to it and again there was plenty of signs of our chosen quarry.
    Last light soon aproached and things were not looking promising when wayne spotted some movement in some dense cover and despite it vanishing on three occasions it finally presented the chance for a shot and i saw my chance.

    Result my best muntjac buck to date .

    My final mornings stalk saw a slight cloud cover and the sort of morning i tend to prefer on my own ground so i had high hopes but after a spell in the seat we were all to soon at the end of our stalk.
    Face veils removed we were just about to exit the wood when i spotted a shape on the bank no it cant be i thought to myself up with the bins and shure enough there was a young buck stood broadside totally ablivious to my presence .

    As wayne had now wandered further on down the ride i had to quietly get his attention and after recieving the nod the 25.06 done its job on a challenging shot and my second deer was soon lying on the grass .
    Only a young buck but made all that more special as i had spotted it before the keen eyes of the ninja

    What a weekend not the easiest with the deer proving to be quite elusive and the challenging conditions but thats stalking for you as they say and you cant complain at two bucks seen and both in the chiller can you.
    My stalking partner despite seeing and hearing many more deer than myself just wasnt lucky enough to get a chance for a clear shot and i am shure that our 2 hour journey home with me shouting two nil two nil didnt annoy him too much

    See you soon on your trip down to somerset when we will try to repay your hospitality on the roe bucks and try a glass or two of the finnest scrumpy for miles .

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    Would love to have been a fly on the window on that journey home!!! A productive weekend, well for you anyway.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Hi Jon
    It was a pleasure as always mate, nice to meet Clive at last.

    The little feckers were hard work again but another nice buck so I'm pleased, just a pity Clive was too slow for the buck on the last morning

    Looking forward to coming down.

    I've added a piccy of your big buck Max insisted he had his photo on the post

    Cheers Wayne

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    Great write up and photos with a good reault! I have to admit that even though I love living up here in Lancashire I really do miss Hereford terribly at times!
    Well done Guys!

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    jon great result mate a lovely buck nice photo also saw clive the other
    day said you were going up .
    I dont know about clive being too slow hes allways quick enough to
    take my money when im in the shop
    regards pete .

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    Well done, Jon. Hope you've got somewhere to hang the head, it's a good one. Shame you didn't have your win mag to take with you, that would have been mustard on the little buggers.

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    Nice one Jon.
    A cracking munty you have there. Well done Wayne.

    Hopefully have a pint next time your up Jon.


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    Well done Jon great result,& well done Wayne & Andy,
    ATB Andy

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    Hereford trip

    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post
    Nice one Jon.
    A cracking munty you have there. Well done Wayne.

    Hopefully have a pint next time your up Jon.

    Hi mate sorry i couldnt catch up with you this time but to say it was a busy three days would have been an understatement.
    If i am up that way again i will give you a bell and we will try one or two

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