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Thread: Wood Versus Synthetic

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    Cool Wood Versus Synthetic

    OK Guys

    I'm getting a new rifle Ive looked at the sako synthetic stainless in 6.5X55 however Ive been told if i have synthetic then when the bi-pods on the shots go anywhere any views on this? I have 270 in synthetic with no problems but nice to hear you views

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    No doubt about it, a good piece of wood beats synthetic hands down but i think it depends on how you treat your rifle, like a tool or like a baby?
    I have synthetic on my .243 and have no problems regarding the bipod.
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    Never had a problem with bipods on my 75 SS, might be an issue on lesser rifles but not Sakos. Have you considered a laminated stock? Best of both worlds in my opinion. JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by jason hunter View Post
    Ive been told if i have synthetic then when the bi-pods on the shots go anywhere any views on this?

    Did the person who told you that by any chance have a vested interest in selling you a wooden stocked rifle

    It's the same as saying "if I have a wood stock it will warp in the rain and the shots will go anywhere", it's so generalised as to be meaningless. I've had the same Sako .308 in both wooden and synthetic stocks and there is no difference at all. If fitting a bipod causes the shots to go anywhere it's a symptom of another problem, not necesarily the cause.

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    All my guns are tools the most important thing is a clean humane shot wood or plastic all the same but can get a good deal on a new sako 6.5X55 hope it fits in between the 243 and the 270

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    There is NO doubt that some stocks of the injection moulded type could cause a shift in the POI as they can be quite flexible, especially when warm. I owned 2 synthetic Sako 75's when they first came out and the fore-end could be pushed against the barrel without any real pressure at all. Therefore, fitting a bi-pod could cause the rifle to shoot off if the fore-end does come in contact with the barrel. Just about every custom rifle builder I have spoken to comment on this and one even said he had real concerns over the suitability of such stocks. And no he wasn't trying to sell me something else!

    It does not take a lot of moisture to cause wood to swell either which may again cause it to touch and push a barrel enough to create the same issues. What I would say, is if there is enough clearance between the wood or synthetic stock and the barrel in the first place, then neither are likely to cause a problem.

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    I have a Sako 75 SS in 6.5 x 55 and although not pretty the stock is very functional.
    The fore end is rigid enough to allow the use of a bipod and my stock fits so well that I can remove and replace with no shift of zero.

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    I have a synthetic for everyday and a wooden for best!

    I have a Sako 75 finnlight and the stock does not move enough to touch the barrel when a bi-pod is fitted. I do not know anyone who has had such a problem with a Sako.

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    Ok, here are my 2 cents.

    Synthetic is usually pretty ugly, and IMHO should be reserved for 'tools' (now that we've adopted that terminology). For ME, that would be a highland stalking rifle, which gets soaked, beaten, dragged over crags, etc. BUT, big but, I would 'personally' not wish to have a factory injection moulded synthetic stock, as most 'I' have seen, are not at the level of quality I would wish to have. This means I want to upgrade to a custom stock, ie. Mcmillan or bell and carlson, and have it glass/alu/pillar bedded.

    If getting a custom stock is not an option due to cost for example (you may not like the thought of binning a new synthetic stock and sticking on another new £500 worth of plastic from across the pond), then 'I', personally, would opt for a free-floated (with plenty of clearance), laminated wooden stock, which you can have glass/pillar bedded...

    If this was my 'baby', ie. my lowland/woodland stalking rifle for roe bucks, etc., then I would 110% of the time go for a nice wooden stock with blued barrel, Sako, Sauer, Blaser, etc. purely because it would not have to sustain the abuse as that of my hill rifle.

    If you're going to use it for both, which I suspect you might, given the calibre choice, then I would 'personally' go for the wooden stock, as I have that on my Sako 75, and it has seen plenty of hill action, wet, and with bipod, and never ever thrown a shot off POI.,,,but, seeing the nice oiled stock going all grey after a good soaking does make a man want to cry, but, again, depends on the ratio between where you will stalk...will it see predominantly abusive hill use, or careful woodland stalking,,,

    just my opinion,

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    I think it's down to one's self, wood is no doubt beautiful looks wise but can be effected by weather conditions (also scratches and dents).

    Where as sythetic is not so appealing to the eye, but weatherwise is bomb proof (may scratch but not dent that I know of anyway)

    My own rifle is a T3 S/S which for me is fine. I know of some synthetics flexing on the forend but think it's mainly Steyr that encounter this problem.

    Rgds, Buck.

    PS. so synthetic gets my vote.
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