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Thread: Showing their true colours?

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    Showing their true colours?

    Animal groups are so often telling us we are cruel, murderers etc for shooting however these latest figures from one of the most well known don't appear to do much for animal life!

    What a bunch of hypocrites!!!


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    Only slightly related but there was a court case recently where a cage bird breeder in Norfolk was prosecuted for keeping in captivity several different kinds of 'rare' British birds, including Red Backed Shrike. It is perfectly legal to keep such birds if they have been bred in captivity, the accused could not prove they were so was convicted, essentially on a technicalilty, his paperwork was not up to scratch, a case of guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent.

    Now what I getting around to saying is the perfectly heathly birds, all quite/very rare, (and almost certainly legitimately held), were ordered to be destroyed !! In the eyes of the court, the RSPB, RSPCA et al. they could neither be legally held nor legally released, so they all got the chop.

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    Nothing new here I am afraid; PETA has a long track record of killing animals rather than care for them.
    Take a look .

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    The blue cross kill alot too ill tell you

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    PETA, LACS etc aren't animal welfare charities, they are political lobbying groups.
    Stuffed full of spoilt, chip-on-their-shoulder kids too

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