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Thread: Hi folks

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    Hi folks

    Just joined your group...been browsing for a while and picked up a lot of good info.
    Live in Perthshire at the moment and have just acquired my father-in-laws Parker Hale .270 and a beautiful P14 .303 which was his fathers from the war. I find the .303 suits me best at the moment, beautifully balanced and a trigger that gives a novice like me no frights. The .270 is going to take a bit of getting used to , all energy

    Good friend of mine teaching me how to stalk.....I've been around stalking for 30 years and don't know why I haven't done so hooked.

    See you all on here

    Mr H

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    Beautiful Perthshire, lucky you.
    Hope we'll hear from you on the forum now and again, very intesting on here, welcome.

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