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Thread: Velvet Roe Buck

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    Velvet Roe Buck

    Hi, Guys - thought you might like to see this little velvet Roe buck that I just mounted. It was a road kill that I picked up just fresh. Velvet was still intact so I decided to keep it with the mount. Cheers, Bill.

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    Fantastic job Bill, and beatutiful coat- when you see them like this almost makes you not want to shoot them!!

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    Very nice and in my opinion looks beter with the winter coat and for for me the Hard antler bucks look beter on a summer coat even if there is an over lap of this situation. First timmer i know what you mean but that feeling only lasts a few minutes

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    that does look stunning can i ask how you fix the velvet please,atb wayne

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    Velvet Roe buck

    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    that does look stunning can i ask how you fix the velvet please,atb wayne
    Hi, Wayne - fixing the velvet is done with a mix called Antler Velvet that you can get from Snowdonia Taxidermy Supplies. Or, Borax. Either way, you ***** small holes all over and rub the Borax on or spray with the mix. You could also use Formalin subsitute (safer) and even de natured alcohol. Wear protective gloves and glasses. Bill.

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    Hi, Dave - I too like the winter coat (shot a lovely buck right at the end of the season with a stunning winter coat and dark hard antler, that will look beautiful when mounted) and again, I like the hard antler on beautiful red summer coats. Cheers, Bill.

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    thanks bill ,again that is very nice i would like one done that way ,ps you also have good photography skills as well,atb wayne

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    I once did a set of velvet antlers for a chap who shot a real big buck in velvet at the start of the buck season and used famalderhide same way just injected it in ti the velvet at 1cm gaps.

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    Hi Bill,

    Outstanding job! If I need any taxidermy work in the future? ........ You're my man!


    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Home Page - Jelen Deer Services

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    Monarch, if you'd shown me the middle photo and told me it was a close-up of a living deer I would have believed you 100% !!
    Superb work

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