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Thread: Meindl Dovre boots

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    Meindl Dovre boots

    So I am contemplating buying a pair of these; the only issue is that I wear orthotic insoles to correct for a gammy hip.

    Questions are; are the insoles that come with the boots removable and are sizes fairly standard or are they narrow?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Milligan,

    I purchased a pair a year or so ago of the Dovre Extreme boots.

    The boot manufacturers always seem to cut costs with the insoles they fit and in the case of the Meindl they willcome out very easily.

    I put a superfeet green insole into my boots to keep my feet, ankles, legs correctly lined up and to prevent heal wear etc

    They fitted no problem and I dont find the boots narrow at all..

    Good luck and hope this helps


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    I got foot arch supports in mine and they are fine. I did't even need to take original insoles out

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    Thanks - so a size 10 it is then...

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    You will not regret buying them

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    I ussually take a ten but 9 and half spot on with these boots - they are wide fit, and I also use superfeet - they are brilliant boots

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    i havr these boots spend most of the winter walking through streams when picking up they never let in a drop fantastic boots
    but think i might try a pair of these superfeet
    atb bruxie

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    dont want to rock the boat but purchased 2 pair from a well known supplier in august last year one pair fine the other pair the sole started to come of after only being worn 12 times . I took the boots back to the shop who refused to give me my money back as the goods were faulty we had quite a heated disgusion but the law in scotland is different than england . Anyway the boots were returned to the manufacturers for repair or replacement . The boots were returned to me 2 weeks later with the problem solved and they also gave me a 12 month verbal warrenty on the repair so i am hoping the problem is now solved . Got more sence out on manufacturer than the shop who realy did not whant to know and kept saying i sell five pair a week and cant see a problem with them even though the sole had a 3 inch gap from the upper it was supposed to be stuck to . The manufacturer cared a lot more of its reputation than the shop did .

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    try w slack and son of mansfield 199.99 free p&p gave me good advise on sizing i got very good service

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    Got mine next day from Slack... nice folk to deal with. A1

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