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Thread: Yeld or Yield?

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    Yeld or Yield?

    Now, I've always used the term yeld for a non-breeding hind. Just recently in both conversation and in print/online I've seen them referred to as yield hinds.

    Is this a regional variation or are some people mis-hearing yeld and adopting it or is it something else entirely?

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    Hi Frax,
    I brought up this precise point at the CLA and was told that is how our southern brethren pronounced it. Yeld is a guid scots word am I am sticking to it.

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    In my stalking lifetime since 1961 when I shot my first Red, a switch Stag, I have known such Hinds as `Yeld Hinds`.

    In his 1963 book, `Game for the Sporting Rifle`, Henry Tegner the author, recalls shooting a good fat `yeld` hind accompanied by Murdo MacLean, the stalker of Ardour Lodge.


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    Yeld is what is the norm up here in gods country and what i ill call a hind with no calf

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    Yeld gets my vote.

    Just out of interest I done a google search. Loads of replies.


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    I think morena is right, it is a case of "eeether" or "iiither", I can't see how it matters as long as you know what is meant. I have had conversations when I have spoken of yeld hinds and the other person has spoken of yield hinds, but we both knew what the other meant.


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