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Thread: level 2 finished hooray

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    level 2 finished hooray

    Hi all, well chuffed today recieved my profolio on the 15th of Feb ,got straight onto local AW arranged some trips out on my perms. 1st outing no good , 2nd produced a red calf on its lonesome and very small(21kg) so a good cull animal , 3rd outing saw lots - running away but it was pissing it down and we had to stalk thick woodland that i never seem to get much luck in, 4th saw a good prickett in the hilux and 5th this morning had a roe doe that was escorted by two nice bucks. To say i was lucky would be an understatement but hey ho i am not going to knock it. I dont really know why i did the level 2 but i am happy that all the years of stalking have paid off , and that i do things (gralloach , transporting etc) as it should be especially as i have now mentored 3 people.
    To all you thinking about doing it , all i say is try to enjoy it ,I was quite nervous about it all - extra pressure during the shot , somebody watching my every move but i do now feel proud that i have achieved it , after the first it did get a little easier and i relaxed about the stalking part. I must say that my AW was very good, not in helping me out as such but by if i did not understand some terminology he would ask the same question but with different wording it did make all the difference to me. Just got to write up the stalk , get a couple of photos printed and contact my assesor before sending it off. Obviously after photo copying the entire portfolio. Yes i do know that i have not yet passed officially but......

    Go for it guys n girls.

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    Welldone, same position as me. I did the contact assessor only to be told . That is before you start. Be interesting to see who gets the process finished first. ATB JIM

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    My cheque went in the post today to get the portfolio......

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    congrats matey, i must get around to starting mine, i have had it a year now!

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    Well done mate its great when you finally get it finished. You still have the worst bit to come - the grilling from the verifier . Im sure everything will go ok .

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    for the grilling make sure you know notifiable diseases and their symptoms. Also requirements for a larder.


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    Agree with DD on that one seems to be the big ask at the moment and well done to that man all it takes is for you to get out there and do it.

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    i agree well worth doing it ,im waiting for that phone call

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    Well done its done me no end of good, like it or not it opens many doors.

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    Well done, hope to be there myself soon, half a stalk to go, everything upto pulling the trigger done, the shot was just not presented.

    All the best

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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