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Thread: Noisy clothing

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    Noisy clothing

    Bought myself Deerhunter game Stalker jacket and trousers thinking they were up to the job of deerstalking, how wrong was I! Went out on my first stalk the other night and I could not believe how noisy the jacket and trousers were when walking or any movement I made, so the question is what brands of clothing are quiet in realtree camouflage, all recommendations very welcome and I think I'll be using the Deerhunter trousers and jackets for pigeon decoying,

    Kindest regards

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    Deben Percussion - Hurricane range is very good - performance and VfM
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    The Deerhunter stuff is rustley at first, but if you wash it and wear it in it will get quieter.

    I had the same query and was advised to do the above. It worked.



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    Garry my Deerhunter kit is well up for it, let me know where you are in Derby.

    I'm free Second week in April I'll come down and Nail your Bucks for you!!!!!!

    Rgds, Buck.
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    Cheers guys, I'll stick with the deerhunter and give them time to wear in, that's save some cash

    Kindest regards

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    What no Max-4 as well as AP/G?! - surely there's always a reason for kit (or 'tat' in my wife's (clearly uneducated) language) !!!!!!!
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    Hi Garry, I have had no problem with deerhunter and use it all the time, Before you use it, hand wash at least twice in clean fresh water and a little natural soap. Not washing powder as that contains a UV whitener. Deer have a wider light gathering spectrum than we do and if powder is used you will stand out like a white shirt in a disco!!! Use silicone on the poppers and zips and they last forever. Good stalking.

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    Deer Hunter all the way after a few washes you will see and hear the difference

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    I bought a Deerhunter Montana jacket about 6 years ago, I would not want to be without it!

    I use tech-wash and armor-all silicone spray (on a cloth) on the buttons and zips.

    Hate the trousers though, so i use Seeland.

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    Good traditional DPM army surp clothing for me, hard wearing, silent & well priced. I was devastated when i tore a pricey nice ' hunting' jacket whilst foxing one eve on barbed wire

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