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Thread: SCHMIDT & BENDER scopes - build quality

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    SCHMIDT & BENDER scopes - build quality

    Can anyone tell me if there is a big difference in build quality between German made scopes and the Hungarian made scopes.

    Many thanks


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    Not wanting to hijack your thread but I would be interested to know myself

    Kindest regards

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    None what so ever ! The only difference is price due to wage differentials.

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    I own both german and hungarian and see little difference in build quality, both being excellent the german(someone will correct me if I am wrong) made being made in germany and the hungarian being made in germany and assembled in hungary hope this helps

    as per 8x57 says wage differentials being the major factor.
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    Many thanks for the help & info


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    I have to agree, i have a German 7x50 and a hungarian 8x56, I would defy anyone to tell which one was made where if the makers mark was covered up.

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    There are actually some people who say that a Hungarian is a better buy in terms of quality because they are said to be quality checked in the Hungarian factory and then again in Germany before they leave S&B to be sold so twice the quality control. I've no idea if it is true or not.

    I gave a Hungarian and I must admit that sometimes when I'm hammering nails into a new highseat or levering the bolt open after firing an especially hot load I do wonder if it is just as robust as the German version but so far, apart from a small scratch on the paint work, it is showing no signs of failure :-)
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    Why do you use the S&B scope to hammer nails into a high seat or use it to lever the bolt open? Surely, this would affect the warranty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by biffo View Post
    Why do you use the S&B scope to hammer nails into a high seat or use it to lever the bolt open? Surely, this would affect the warranty?
    It affects the warranty of the high seat and the rifle, but not of the scope. I checked this up. So far I've damaged 4 high seats and 2 rifles doing this but can't be bothered sending the scope back to have the scratch repaired.

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    have 3 x hungarians 6x42 and two 8x56 klassics cracking good scopes in poor light either end of the day all have 30 mm tubes

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