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    I am curently using a factory ammo 100grn sp .243 round, for deer and fox, the prob is that the supplyers have changed from Fedderal to Norma. I bought a box of norma 100grn sp's to try but will i need to re-zero my rifle because of this change.

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    I'd be checking it anyway.
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    Sounds like a good excuse to head down the range for a bit of target practice!!

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    did the same just the other day, check it shouldnt be loads of adjustment a click or two dont hurt to check practice makes perfect !

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    I would definitely check the zero. I check mine every time I start a new box (even with the same batch numbers) Peace of mind is a wonderful thing plus it's a good excuse to squeeze off a couple.

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    I always re-check Zero as and when i use anything different.


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    I bet your groups will be tighter too. I found Norma more consistant and accurate.

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    I had the same problem in .243 and although the Fedral grouped very well, the Norma are a tad tighter. I found the Norma's grouped slightly higher, 1/4" maybe @ 100yrds. I use the Norma 58 gr BT's in .243 for Charlie, a lot faster (3750 fps) very flat shooting, totally devastating, far more suitable for Charlie, I would use these over the 100gr sp tbh. These group an 1" higher over the 100gr SP's, perfect.
    In answer to you question, always check zero, when trying different ammo or even changing batches if you feel the need.
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    +1 Always check zero after changing: Make,Weight or as said batches.

    It is also wise to check zero on a regular basis, (Bumps or knocks) can easily alter your POI.

    Thats the difference between a wounded runner and a dead one.

    Rgds, Buck.
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