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    nv scope

    hi, i am after a bit of advice, i am thinking of getting a nv set up? mainy for fox,with my 223, but would also like to use it for rabbits with the 22 rimmy,
    i have no experiance with nv, and was thinking on the lines of a add on,
    i have seen one for sale in the deben catalog which is attached to the objective lense,(and looks better and easyer for eye relief ect, than attached to the back)and can be used on either rifle without the need to rezero your scopes,its a gen2 nv conversion ps-22 1xmag, would these be any good, and at what distance would i be able to shoot and see the target,
    1, what illuminater would be best
    2,what do you lads use for spotting, ie foxs, ect
    3, would i be better getting a nv scope instead of the add on
    4,what scopes work well with the add on,
    at the moment i have luepold,6.5-20x40 non ill rec on the 223,and a ags swat on the rimmy,any advice would be helpful, or what would you lads reccomend

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    get a starlight archer add on. Turns a day sight into a night sight in seconds and is way above any dedicated nv equipment under 5k. There are different grades of tube like d,c,b,a,aa with d's starting at 1,600 ish but add a grand every step up.

    Not cheap but if you want to be serious it's the shizz

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    I use the Archer as well. Use it with their mini laser light. Foxes clearly ID'd out to about 250 yards, maybe 300 at a push. To get the best out of it you do however need to put it onto the right scope. You need one with allot of parralax adjustment. I started with a Nightforce 5.5 to 22 by 56. Not bad but not perfect and lots of odd rings imparing the picture. Was advised by someone i know to be a real expert on NV equiptment that after a great deal of testing they had settled on the S&B PM2 as the best option. As i had a rifle without a scope i bought one. No regrets at all, a stunning picture. I don't know if your luepold has parralax, but if it doesn't it will not work with the Archer unit so factor in a new scope as well. If it does, find someone who will let you try theirs on your scope before you buy to make sure it works.

    If you get the scope combination right they are fantastic bit's of kit, but you will soon find yourself wanting a second unit for spotting, otherwise you will be swinging your rifle round using it for spotting, which isn't very safe and a bit heavy on the left arm!

    Hope that helps a bit.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    nv scope

    hi lads thanks for the replys,lads. very helpful my luepold has front parralax,what kind of money are we talking about with a desent ir ?
    a friend has told me about the pulsar digital n550 anyone had a look through one of these,with a doubler fitted

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    The 550 is a dedicated scope and not and add on. Pay the extra and get the starlight. As everybody says about scopes, buy once buy right.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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