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Thread: Englisman, Welshman and Irishman.

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    Englisman, Welshman and Irishman.

    An Englishman, a Welshman and an Irishman were at the fair and about to go on the helter-skelter when an old crone steps in front of them.
    "This is a magic ride," she says. "You will land in whatever you shout out on the way down."
    "I'm game for this," says the Welshman and slides down the helter-skelter shouting "GOLD!" at the top of his voice. Sure enough, when he hit the bottom he found himself surrounded by thousands of pounds worth of gold coins.
    The Englishman goes next and shouts "SILVER!" at the top of his voice. At the bottom he lands in more silver coinage than he can carry.
    The Irishman goes last and, launching himself from the top of the slide shouts "WEEEEEEE!"

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    I thought it would go the way of "The Irishman gets to the top of the slide, trips on the top stair and shouts "SH*T!"". Haha,

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