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Thread: Nomad Smock

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    Nomad Smock

    I have been debating for quite some time as to which new stalking jacket to get and have read the various threads to death. Tons of useful info and opinions as to which to get thanks to everybody throwing their tuppence in. Really is a great site for information .
    Anyway, I have now taken the plunge and just ordered a Nomad Hooded Hill Smock from Northallerton Shooting Supplies, in olive green, at a bargain price in their sale. So now im just awaiting its arrival and praying for rain and cold on the day so i can try it out!! I am also hoping that it IS as good as everyone says. Anyway, thanks to all for their comments for helping me make my mind up.

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    Hope your as happy with yours as I am with

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    nomad smock you cant go wrong silent and fully waterproof what more do you need

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    waiting for the new rivers west 'pro field smock' swillington shooting supplies should have them in stock july

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    Have had mine for a year or so now. Having real trouble getting the smell out of it. Every time I put it on I have to get used to the smell of rutting stag! anyone have a good way of washing them? Also found it not to be very waterproof in heavy rain or when crawling. Am I the only one?
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    nigelm what have you been washing it with ? oh and tell me you never tumble dryed it

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    Nigel, I have been out in all weathers and even lay in swamps in my Nomad gear. Never had a problem!

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    What ever you do don't put it in the washing machine on a hot wash. It will de-laminate the material. I put mine in the shower and give it a rinse when needed. It sorted out the fallow buck smell no problem.

    Like deer man I have never had any problems with water ingress. Top bit of kit that is very warm.

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    like i keep saying on here
    its the ONLY clothing for the cold scottish hills

    i keep a large stock at all times if anybody requires some


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    Looking for a pair of 32" +4's?

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