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Thread: Zeiss binos

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    Zeiss binos

    Wanted pair of Zeiss binos 8x42 or something similar. Pm me if you have any or know anyone selling a pair!


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    Thought you didn't want second hand stuff?

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    The Leica ones below are similar to the old Zeiss BGAT model, but probably better!

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    Yes Monkey Spanner, you are absolutely correct.Those are my Leicas for sale and I had the opportunity to try them out only last night vs Zeiss BGAT 7x42 and the low light performance of the Leicas was excellent - and I agree with you, not a lot in it IMHO. Interestingly the Zeiss go for around 600 plus secondhand, but I guess still great value compared to current models costing 1600 and more for possibly little difference?

    Got the Leicas on ebay with 58 watchers, so understandably loads of interest. However, anyone on here can have first dibs as I said before for 410 posted insured etc. You will need to pm me asap though as the auction ends in 18 hours at 3.30am Mon 28th March !

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    Hi, I have pair of Zeiss Conquest 8 x 30 BT might be available,I"m not desperate for them to go though,PM me if interested.cheers

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    I have a pair of Zeiss Conquest 8x40 BT* if you are intrested?


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