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Thread: High seat in woods

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    High seat in woods

    What do you think is best height for a woodland high seat.
    Most of wooded areas I shoot seem to have an understory of annoying hazel and hemlock just at an annoying height I get above them for a year or two by clearing sides of rides any higher and i run into lower branches of proper trees.I have had thoughts of going down to an eye level about 8ft or 9ft up anyone tried this?

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    anything above ground level works but wind and your movement is more noticable by the deer.
    what about a doe box

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    I have sat in 'high seats' were the seat was about head level, so not very high at all, in fact in one I had a roe doe come so close she was sniffing the leg of the high seat.

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    Question will it matter

    I think the overall height is not the paramount issue when placing one.
    access to/from it and location are probably more important than the height.
    then i would consider size and shape and finally its actual height.

    Having sat in a huge doe box in the middle of a ride and watch 9 reds come up and around it/me without batting an eyelid means you have done the job correctly.
    oh forgot to mention it wasnt me that put it there so well done to you who did.

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    Personally I think timber ones constructed to at least 20ft tall with built in cover, I would not consider the metal prefabricated ones if you leave those in a fixed position they tend to grow a pair of legs and walk off on their own never to be seen again.

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    the ones i build are either 3mtrs high or in thick forest/wood is 2mtrs this works well 2mtr is high enough to see over the ferns to get a shot and under the branches of the trees ,atb wayne ps doe boxes work well if you dont have thick ground cover

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