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Thread: well what can you say

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    well what can you say

    sure this will get some comments about backstops

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    not actually sure what the comments would be
    30 miles of backstop must surely be enough

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    Glad im not having a shiv over the next ridge 30 MILES STONE?

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    there was an advert for caper shooting trips in the shooting available section showing a similar picture/video.
    dont think he had one response given that everyone here has it drummed into them that this is wrong in so many ways.

    now driven caper on the other hand would be something else....would be like standing at the bottom of runway number 4!

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    I have the chance to go and shoot capers like this, but its hard to organise as there is no set time that they take to the trees......

    Pretty sure that shotguns only are used in Norway ,but not in Sweden,could be wrong??????

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    I have a mate who is Game keeper in sweden ,They hunt a lot af Caper with rifles , but mainly rimfires. In the north . Ive been a few times hunting odds and sods and will go after some bits this season, Its not as bad as it looks on tape. There arent many bodys up there. Let alone houses.

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