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Thread: Collet Resizing Die

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    Collet Resizing Die

    Could somebody explain why these dies are not recommended for hunting ammunition?
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    I too wonder why this is.Could it be that you dont crimp.You have to seat the bullet to be touching the lands.I use collet dies in 30-06 and 243 and nothing ever died any less for it.perhaps some of our more enlightened friends could help with this one?

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    It's a simple matter of reliability as collet dies only neck size, and it's generally recommended for reasons of reliable feeding that when hunting cases should be full length resized.

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    Am I right in saying that full length resizing negates the advantage of having fire formed cases?

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    I had heard that it is best to full length size for hunting myself and also that you shouldn't neck size for a Blaser which is what I shoot. I have some cases, shot in my Blaser, which have been neck sized at least 5 - 6 times and probably in excess that without ever seeing a full length die and they chamber and shoot great in my Blaser.

    While I understand why people might say not to neck size just on the off chance you lose the shot on a chance in a life time hunt I think if you start neck sizing you will get a feel for how reliable, or not, it is for you and your rifle and so you will always work within your "comfort zone" in terms of being sure a round will chamber.

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    Yes full length resizing will negate any perceivied advantage of fire forming, but for realistic stalking distances the difference in accuracy will be so minimal as to go unnoticed.
    Caorach is right find out what works for you. While I always full length resize my stalking ammo just to be sure, I only ever neck size for my .222 but always run the ammo through the rifle before going out to ensure reliable chambering.

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    If anything full length sizing done properly will help accuracy.
    If you set up the die to set back the shoulder .001 you will have more uniform cases.
    If you only neck size, cases will stretch different amounts at the shoulder and if you then trim these cases to the same length the cases that have stretched more at the shoulder will end up with shorter necks.

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    Quite the opposite palo, cases fireformed to fit your chamber rather than to within wide standard tolerances generally produce more accurate ammo. That's why bench rest shooters and other accuracy buffs only neck size.

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    Unless you are a benchrest shooter shooting 0.1" groups, there is no advantage to neck sizing. The key is to set up FL dies properly, as said above.

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    Thanks for all your replies, I haven't started to reload yet and have just finished reading lees 2nd edition. Just tying to get my head around things before I take the plunge. Thanks again
    S. L.

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