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Thread: New Predator 30-06 AI

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    New Predator 30-06 AI

    New build, predator action, pac nor Stainless steel barrel 24'' long 5 profile 10 twist fluted threaded 5/8 UNF with blended in thread protector, PTG Stainless floor plate, Jewell trigger. bedded into mcmillan stock , supplied with ASE Northstar sound mod. coated black ideal all round UK rifle or light gun for africa, complete with redding dies 3,750.00.
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    Great looking rifle, top notch components too,,but don't know how many have the 's for it in the current climate, I wish I did

    I just wanted to add, that if I was committing to a purchase of that size, I'd probably like to see some groups on paper at 100 yds at least...sometimes even how nice the components are, they just won't shoot..and a factory Sako would whip its arze.. NOT saying that's the case with yours, I'm sure it will one-hole all day long and live through WWIII without a scratch...

    I'm a little jealous this is currently in your possession....

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    There is a problem with test targets on new rifles , firstly you will have to put a few rounds down it to break the barrel in and then zero it , at this point some customers would then argue its used not new ! this has has two shot down it for proof and thats it. Believe me i have had that discussion in the past !

    it is a very nice bit of kit though.


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