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Thread: .270 Win Cases and bullets.

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    .270 Win Cases and bullets.

    88 off .270win cases RWS manufacture.
    20 off .270win cases Hertenberger manufacture.
    11 off .270win cases Federal manufacture.
    6 off .270 snap caps as new.

    Not certain if they have been reloaded before but I don't think so. They have lain forgotten in the back of my reloading cupboard since I changed my .270 for another calibre some years ago.

    40 off Speer 150grn flat based spitzer bullets.
    54 off Hornady 150grn round nosed bullets.

    25 for the cases and snap caps to include postage.
    15 for the bullets pm me to arrange transfer - South Wales border area.
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    I've sent you a PM, thanks, Gareth.

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    Cases sold subject to payment.

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    This might appear to be nitpicking, but under the Firearms Amendment Act 1997 possession of expanding missiles for a calibre (.270) you no longer have on your FAC is as bad as still holding ammunition for it.

    The prohibition applies to the 'expanding missiles' as well as expanding ammunition containing them ..... so if you're caught with some part-used boxes of bullets it's an offence. It's a silly old world, but I hope you don't mind me mentioning this.... if I've read your post correctly that is.


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    Noted Sinistral but the part used boxes were overlooked and are being disposed of to someone who can legally possess as soon as practically possible. Don't tell me we haven't all been put in a similar position by the bloody stupid expanding ammunition rule. If the worst had come to worst I would have swaged them to a calibre that I presently have on ticket or melted them down.

    At one time I was holding for the club 3,000 .308 150 grn S.P. winchester bullets when they suddenly changed the law. Some pretty nifty selling and disposal was called for.

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