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Thread: New number asking fir advice

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    New member asking for advice

    I start with my introduction. I'm Syed Rizwan from east London. And originally come from east Africa where I use to hunt African game. Been in this country for over 11 years. I'm a member of NRA for my target shooting and I have been stalking in Uk for about 4 years. I had .243 and .308 on My First FAC but I'm down to 1 gun now and just got .300 win mag left in my FAC which I can use for my occasional target shooting and manly hunting in UK and Abroad. Still got the condition on my FAC that I can only hunt accompanied which is a pain but I'm working my way through it. As I have provided all my references to FET but they still want to see a land approval where I can hunt unaccompanied and I'm looking for some good reliable syndicate membership or daily membership in arount east London counties. I hope I will get some good advice from you experience guys. I'm in contact with JW stalking but not sure if I'm going down the rite lane. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks
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    Finally got the condition lifted and I can stalk unaccompanied. Pleased

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