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Thread: London protests

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    London protests

    Is it just me, or were there fewer people out protesting over the cuts than there were on the 2002 countryside march? Or the stop the war march?
    One thing is for sure, the clean-up costs will be much more, but the political response probably the same!

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    I like the irony of the fact the organisation stopping these protestors and being targets for them is the group facing the biggest cuts.

    Coincidently the only group not allowed union membership.

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    Point is that there has to be cuts thanks to the previous lots fiddling etc. It was obvious that the figures they were quoting us were never true but they carried on and thank you very much have bankrupt the whole nation. Not just Scotland this time which was the cause of the Union. It will be decades before the country will be anywhere near stable again and that's if they the stupid public does not put that bunch of shambles back in again.......................... which they will do. Once Labour get back in it will back to normal operations and we will spiral further down into the debt abyss.

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    Aye, and a few days before they left Dozy Darling signed us up to a bail out of billions for another EU failure.


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