My zeiss bins got nicked from my car when I was shopping in Carlisle a few year back. Since then I've not had the motivation to spend much money on a decent set of bins and have made do with under 100 gear. I've been a fan of top end bushnell gear for a while and have an Elite 6500 4.5-30 on my tikka which to be honest is amazing. No arguments please but I have a lot of guys converted to Elite's after using my rifle set with that optic.

Anyway, back to bins and the magnesium chassis open hinge Elites are the best of the Bushnell binocular range and I've been looking for a set at the right price for a while. In other words half the rrp, yes I'm Scottish! By chance and to my good luck, a badly listed set came on evilbay with a typo in the title and I got them for a stupid price and at the starting price. They were brand new, unopened all paperwork etc and I'm well chuffed. So....

My honest opinions..... They're very light and comfortable, the quick release catch lugs for straps are a great touch. They are optically stunning and really bright while being very easy on the eye. Beside a pair of zeiss 10x40 t*p*'s, well you couldn't say one was better optically in low light to almost dark looking at the same markers but the Elite's were noticeably lighter and looked smarter. The bins come with a lifetime guarantee and even from outlets they are about half the price of the big euro names in the same full body mag class. Lets just make sure they don't get left in the car

ps, I robbed the pic of the web, I can't take good photos