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Thread: RWS Geco 105 Grain SP .243 Ammo

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    RWS Geco 105 Grain SP .243 Ammo

    I have the above for sale as my gun appears not to like it. I have 36 rounds.

    20 F2F and it's yours.

    ATB, Dom.

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    Hi Dom
    I think you will find that your Rifle has a 1 in 10 twist and If your rifle is a 1 in 10 twist it wont like 105 Grn bullets it has to have a 1 in 8 or 9 twist or even 1 in 8 or 7 twist for up to 115 Grn it needs to be slower to stabilize the bigger bullets ! Some .243 Rifles with a 1 in 10 twist wont even stabilize 100Grn bullets unless they are traveling at least 3000fps. Most Factory .243 rifles have a 1 in 10 twist unless it has had an after market barrel fitted for custom bullet weights.


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    Steve, I think you are right. It was an experiment. The gun shoots 100 gr Sako SP and 100 gr Remington CoreLokt fine, but 105 gr is too much. I would really like to get hold of some Sako 90gr Sp, too.

    ATB, Dom.

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    Or swap for some Sako 90gr SP. My 36 rounds for your 20.

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    Still here. These need to go as they are no good to me. How about 15?

    Many thanks, Dom.

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    Hi Dom
    I have some Sako but your too far away mate for me Sorry or you could have had them even though my .243 likes them, but not as much as my Hornady 70 Grn
    Boatail hollow points or the 87 Grn Boatail hollow point it shoots one hole groups or 1/2"MOA with them.

    Going back to the 105 Grn , I have a .243 Ackley that will throw them very well out to 1000Yds , it likes those and the 107 Grn if you can find them , Berger do a 108 Grn but I've not had chance to try those.

    Don't you reload Dom.


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    Hi, Steve.

    I have only just got the .243 and have not long been into CF rifles. I am learning what factory ammo my Sako likes. I have been told by a previous owner that it shoots Sako 90gr SP very well, so ideally I would like some of that. It's just a case of finding some locally. As for reloading, I am well aware of the advantages but am not ready yet. I'm not sure I shoot enough to warrant it, anyway. I am intrigued by lighter bullets than 90 and 100 grain as well. I will see what I can get hold of and give it a go. By the way, my rifle is a Sako 75 SS.

    Many thanks, Dom.

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    Hi Dom

    I will give these a go , will send pm

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    Great. PM replied to.

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