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Thread: Chonograph's any advise !

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    Chonograph's any advise !

    Getting more into reloading and I am looking to buy a chonograph to help with data.I load 243 and 308,on my 308 I have a scope with a ballistic turret.The information on the manufacturers site is great for set factory loads but you have to fill in muzzle velocity to get set data for reloaded rounds.A bit advice from members with Chonographs.I would rather buy right the first time.Thanks
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    I got the following chrono for a friend from the Sportsman recently.

    He rates it highly.

    Regards JCS

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    If you can afford it go for the CED Millenium Chronograph MK2 (about 190) it's in a different class to the previously mentioned Chrony but is far more user friendly. Our club had a Chrony until one of the members put a round through the display screen which you needed a pair of binoculars to read. The millenium has the display screen on the bench next to you and has far more features. It's a very useful piece of kit if you can afford it but the basic chrony is better than guessing.

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    Thanks for the advice,will have a look online.I bet your club member was popular.

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    He was but he actually did us a favour because we have the infra red light screens with the new chronagraph which work better indoors under fluorescent lights which flicker and give false readings and often fail to register shots.

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    I have the same as JCS from the same source. Great kit. You can't play the game properly without one.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    I have the Beta Master Chrony and it works a treat. Folds up nice and small, records plenty of shots, also has a good length of cable so the display can sit on the shooting bench next to you.

    Cost about 135 from Midway

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    I use a chrony F1. it is crap in bright sunshine, but if you get a large piece of card over the shield things then it is ok.

    A report I read said the Oehler35s is VG and the F1 over read by 50-75FPS and hte CED over read by 25-50FPS against the Oehler.
    Oehler 35 $500 where found.
    I used the F1 4-5 times to find out the velocity of bullet, now I have established the loads it gathers dust.
    I got a cable off a guy called stott on which connects the F1 to my laptop and does realtime transfers.

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    I'm delighted someone was paying attention 'cos I posted this.

    If all you want is to get some idea then a cheapy will do. Yet it's amazing to see how much stalkers spend on optics on here so if you can afford more..........

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