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Thread: Just curious, again?

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    Just curious, again?

    I know that, generally speaking, when one is using a stalker, the carcass belongs to the landowner. It is then sold. If I wanted to buy part of it, would I then purchase those pieces from the buyer? If one leases a piece of land for stalking, does the carcass, belong to the landowner or the hunter? I find this so different from the states, where the game belongs to the hunter and sale of native game is very illegal. capt david

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    My understanding is.If you are on a let day on an Estate,what is shot goes to the larder to be sold to the local Game Dealer.If you are in a syndicate on a leased land you have title to what is shot.

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    It depends upon whatever agreement there is between the 'stalker' and 'landowner'.

    Wild deer are just that, wild, and only belong to someone when they have been killed.

    They then belong to the owner of the land on which they were killed, regardless of who actually killed them.
    I have an agreement whereby I keep all deer that I shoot, which I suppose is a form of 'performance related' pay, although I do get paid as well on some areas.
    However, I doubt very much whether you would be able to take ANY venison back home to USA as the regulations are extremely tight! Not at our end, but yours, for we are but rabid, blue tongued, foot & mouth ridden occupants of a small Island infested with TB!

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    I'm not thinking about bringing any home, just curious. capt david

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark-joppa View Post
    My understanding is.If you are on a let day on an Estate,what is shot goes to the larder to be sold to the local Game Dealer.If you are in a syndicate on a leased land you have title to what is shot.
    this just about says it CaptD,

    all professional stalkers that take accompanied stalking will let you know their terms.
    some give you the animal some sell you it and others sell it to game dealers.
    One word of warning, make sure you understand what the terms are before you start.
    there is no point stalking/shooting an animal and then find its not yours or will cost you 1000s to get it from them.


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    There is NO standard system here.
    For 26 years I acted as a semi-pro for a National organisation and provided them with detailed accounts and 50% of the gross receipts of sales. [ Mostly Reds but also a few Roe.] My expenses were funded out of my share. I declared this as a business interest and was allowed expenses by the Inland Revenue.
    For 23 years I have leased an area for Roe and can keep 8 carcases for my own use and the remainder being disected and delivered to the owner in oven-ready condition.

    For let days locally estates offer the shot carcase to the client at game-dealer price and charge stalking fees and trophy fees for bucks or stags where appropriate. If an animal is badly shot and rendered a liability the guest pays for the excess damage.


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    Game is one area where we suffer less socialism than you guys in the states. Game belongs to the owner of the land on which it is killed and it's up to the landowner to decide what he wants killed and by whom, so no bag limits or anything like that and no state gamewardens poking their noses in. If the landowner hates deer and wants to kill every one he sees that's his right, just as it's his right to manage them sensibly or to protect them completely. Many of our game bird shoots and much of our stalking is directly run by the landowners, others are on land where the landownwer has rented out or sold the sporting rights to others. With the exception of wild geese, all kinds of game and wildfowl can be and is sold, subject to the legal seasons, so we have a healthy system of game dealers and game on restaurant menus and in the shops, although a great deal of our game is exported to Europe. Our system is just different to yours, not necessarily better but very different although in some areas - like driven game (pheasants, partridge, grouse) and pigeon shooting we can show sport on a scale unthinkable in the USA.
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