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Thread: Syndicate membership advice

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    Syndicate membership advice

    I have got 300 win mag on my FAC but still got the condition on my FAC that I can only hunt accompanied which is a pain but I'm working my way through it. As I have provided all my references to FET but they still want to see a land approval where I can hunt unaccompanied and I'm looking for some good reliable syndicate membership or daily membership in arount east London counties. I hope I will get some good advice from you experience guys. I'm in contact with JW stalking but not sure if I'm going down the rite lane. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks

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    Syed just a word of warning have a trawl back through the various postings on this site regarding syndicates. There are many genuine syndicates that work well but there are also a lot of dissatisfied people who have been ripped off in the past, myself included. I'm now very synical and would only join or form a syndicate with friends that I have known for years and can trust.

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    May i ask why you have a 300 win mag or do you have OTHER rifles also . Scotalnds the place for a rifle like that or the ranges

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    just for arguments sake, what would happen if you booked yourself on a BASC week in Arran? (assuming you had DSC1)
    it is unaccompanied stalking on FC land which I am assuming is covered for a variety of centrefire rounds.

    dont see why 300WM is any more dangerous than a 270 or a 308 in the wrong hands

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    .300 Win Mag is a useful calibre as you can always download to suit the species of deer and is also suitable legally for boar and France.

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    Hi all thanks for replying. I had 243 and 308 b4. But i just want to keep 1 rifle so I can take it to africa where I'm from and it's also a approved caliber in Uk for deer as you can down load it to 30 06 and it's not classified as military round so you are ok in Europe + good for long distance range work. And no I don't have yet DSC level 1. But booked it for sep with BASC. I'm seeking advice on JW stalking to become a syndicate member if any 1 had experience from them. Also if you guys know any reliable syndicate or a place around EAST London counties where I can book day which you can share with me would be appreciated. Many thanks

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    Finally got the condition lifted and I can stalk unaccompanied. Pleased

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    [QUOTE=bewsher500;201545]just for arguments sake, what would happen if you booked yourself on a BASC week in Arran? (assuming you had DSC1)
    you have to be doing your dsc 2 to go to arran, thats what basc emailed me back when i asked to book on with my dsc 1.cheers stav

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