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Thread: 2000 acres

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    2000 acres


    Admin, i hope you dont see this as advertising or syndicate places as it is not.
    i have put here as i believe that it will be seen by more. thanks frank

    I have 2000 acres by Sanqhar in the borders.
    it is only ground game land, rabbits and a few hares with fox.
    There is some roe by the farm which are not on the list as the farmer likes them but any on the moor are fair game. To be honest i have yet to see one but in saying that i have seen them next door.

    Now my predicament is i really dont have time to go see the land as often as i can.
    I would like to offer this to an Sd member to look after for me. I will still come see it but only once/twice a year. the chap that gets the land will get it for free. i will introduce you to the farmer as my mate and tell him my work means he/you will come in my place. It will cost you a bottle of vodka some game meats for the farmer and that is all.

    Forget all the games i have been having as of late ( some just cant see the funny side of life ) this is a serious offer to genuine lads. You must know someone i know to get on please that way i can verify authenticity, sorry guys.

    Oilmanjd has seen the land and can be asked if this is genuine.

    One person or two mates from here only are getting this offer that is it. this is not a syndicate etc its just some farm land and its not a free for all. please if you cant respect that dont ask as i will report anyone who ruins it. the farmer is a genuine family that needs respectable men to look after the land.

    regards frank

    ps note this is not a syndicate and there is no deer !!!!

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    Very generous Frank. Well done.

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    +1 on that. Too far away to be able to help but a kind offer and just what is needed to support those who want to shoot but struggle to find some land.

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    Wow brillant offer fair play.

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    Frank is a genuine sort of guy, and If I lived nearer I certainly would be straight on the phone to him to take up this very generous offer.

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    Frank i have been looking for ground in that area you have PM

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    Very generous,well done Frank.

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    Well done Frank, very generous.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Frank your inbox is full of what I don't know but it's full .

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    that is one great offer well done frank

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