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Thread: one for the 17 caliber cf fan's

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    one for the 17 caliber cf fan's

    got the sensational seventeen's book that a friend of mine kindly posted me from the USA.

    cheers jim i owe you mate. thanks for going out your way to get me the book posted to yours then on to mine here.

    i have only had a quick look through it. but all ready can see this guy know's a thing or two about 17's and 20 caliber cf rifles. there is write up's. all the load data you could want for all the different 17 caliber cf rifles.

    he also talks about the 17 he uses for pushing a 30 grain gold line range of bullets he makes. with a bc of .270 i bet thats a varmints worse nightmare.

    just a shame we cant get his bullets over here. i did hear reloading solutions use to get stuff from him. but since all the export rules and price he doesnt ship them here anymore

    anyone that is interested in these little calibre's or just wants a good read up from a guy in the know should buy one.

    with all the talk about different calibre on site's in the uk lately bigger isn't always better when varmint shooting even at the ranges these little 17 can reach out to according to his data. which is a 17 Remington tactical from what i can tell.

    30 grain bullet with bc of 0.270 pushed at 4000+ fps with little recoil,noise and powder
    really is fun to use i bet.

    all i need now is my fireball to be finished and ticket to drop on the matt. and sinclair's to find out what has happened to my reloading die's

    atb jamie

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    i read the Shooting Times article on the .17 Ackley Hornet. looked great.

    I recently ordered some stuff from Midway and was a bit disappointed to be told that it would take up to 14 days as EVERYTHING they sell over here comes from Midway US.
    they must have some rounds of use on their site

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    yes the guy that wrote the book ocers all the little 17 caliber rifles. he does write abit on the 17 ackley hornet and how its one of his favourite little 17's.
    im starting to take note on the little caliber's now.

    with alot less powder and recoil then the 22cf for vermin and fox its the way to go i think. when we all know you still have to be careful this little caliber rarely exits

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    I built myself a 17Mach IV back in 1982 and enjoyed the heck out of it. Coyotes hit with it just fell onto their chins without a twitch. At the time, about the only readily available bullet was the 25 gr Hornady HP. It's still a good bullet for general use.

    A warning about the 17. Don't buy into the idea that it's good for deer. It isn't. When I was building mine I kept thinking of the stories of shooting wild burros with 17's and I always wondered. Later on in life- long after my Mach IV had passed onto more appreciative hands- I saw a person wound several head of big game with a 17 Remington. It wasn't pretty. I'd advise against it, even if it was legal.~Muir

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    Would be intrested in getting a copy of this book does anyone know where I could get one ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlz90 View Post
    Would be intrested in getting a copy of this book does anyone know where I could get one ?
    try Norman Clark,he's either got this or the twenty cal one on the shelf
    atb paul

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