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Thread: Injuires on the up ?

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    Injuires on the up ?

    In the last 3 Saturdays myself and a mate have ben trying to end the doe season with a good result and following on from my last thread on Gen Discussion ( the one with the fox/pheasant combo).

    That day saw 4 fallow and two munty down, a week later saw 6 fallow down and last sat saw 8 fallow down.

    Out of that lot 5 of the fallow have had rear leg injuries. Two severe and 3 clearly showing previous damage that has healed causing a seized joint. They were all visibly showing prenounced gaits,noticable even from unshootable ranges. The two worst were one three legged doe missing bottom half of leg although it had skin and hair so not recent and the other a full leg but only developed half the size of the other size. Both in calf and both in herds.

    Now, I haven't seen that level of injury in 9years and we haven't been seeing the same deer every outing else we would have noticed them before .

    Anyone else noticed anything similar?

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    sounds like you have long dogs in the area

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    sounds more like loads of deer lol

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    Any new fencing in the area ?

    We come across Roe hung up all the time, I guess fallow have the strength to pull themselves free although with considerable damage. Roe tend to hang until they expire, sad sight.

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    Good point about the fencing, there is alot of old pheasant pens and very old archiac deer fencing. But these have been there alot longer than I can remember; I guess they could account for some injuries but I would have thought we would have seen it before too.

    Yes there are alot of deer, mostly because the deer have lost a hell of alot of habitat around the newmarket area becasue the fking arabs have bought so much farm land and put horse fencing up that it has pushed the deer into a corner so to speak; I'm not sure if that fencing has contributed to the injuires as its pretty formidable fencing for a deer to jump but it no doubt has lead to some problems when deer are on the run.

    We'll see what the bucks are like in the next month but one more go at the does Thursday eve is on the cards.

    ......... and thats another thing; we haven't seen a fallow buck with palmated antlers for years around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got sent picture of a big fallow buck someone had shot on farmland where there are no fallow; apprently the gun had sat in a high seat for long enough after foxes and not shot any that he though it was his right to cull an animal that was simply passing through. Trophy hunters

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    Its normally the sheep/pig netting fences with the double strand of barbed wire on the top which do for the Roe. The can jump them easily 99.9% of the time but all it takes is one mis judgement and they are carrion.

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